Dar's Photography
Dar has introduced a great wedding package for couples using the Amour Wedding Chapel facility.

This package includes the following:

  •        Up to 2 hours of photography
  •        Size of wedding party makes no difference
  •        You will receive 50 to 90 high resolution photos of the event on a CD*
  •       Dar personally screens many more photos than you receive.  His goal is to  
                   deliver to you a full set of top quality, high resolution, touched  photos that are
                   ready for reproduction.
  •       Many photographers charge for the photo session and then for each picture
  •       These files are yours to keep and reproduce as many pictures as  you like


  •        $440 (plus tax) for the entire package - Be sure to tell Dar you want the "Amour Special"
  •        Additional time, over the 2 hours, is $50 per hour
  •        $50 for an extra 50 to 90 photos
Photos courtesy of Dar's Photography